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When working with TOFD small samples like those used in training courses or demonstrations, conventional scanners thought for routine inspections are not suitable for it large size and weight.

Whit this problem in mind, DASEL developed TOFD-Scissors, an small, light-weight and easy to use manual scanner for training and demo activities. An articulated arm with a allows to easily change and set the transducers distance, while two articulated probe holders ensure a reliable inspection.


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The manual scanner developed by DASEL can be used in TOFD, Conventional UT and Phased-Array inspections. The design is simple and requires minimum training and setup time, while Its high-quality materials and components make it suitable for industrial applications.

· Supports 2 / 4 probes for TOFD, phased array, or pulse-echo inspections.

·  Magnetic wheels that guarantee good coupling and reliable displacement on ferromagnetic surfaces.

· Water injection input and uniform couplant delivery.

· Room available to integrate AMPLUS-32 preamplifier for improved TOFD and Pitch&Catch inspections.

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Auto-focusing algorithm, included in all SITAU models, simplifies the process of setting-up a phased-array inspection. No matter how complex the geometry is, Auto-Focusing will set-up all parameters for you.

It not only saves you time, but also allows you to face challenging inspections where the part geometry is not accurately known or changes during the scan.

It is a fully automated 2-step process, carried out in less than 1 second:

1 - Part geometry detection: Using a few emission events, the geometry of the part is detected and estimated.

2 - Focal-Law calculation: With our patented Virtual-Array method, dynamic focal laws are calculated for the whole image, giving the best resolution at all depths.

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SITAU Phased-Array technology has proven effective to inspect glass-fiber composites used in wind-power energy, thanks to several unique features:


·   GNR filter: the first reliable solution for grain noise reduction.

·   Unique GFRP C-Scan for broken-fibers detection, successfully applied in the inspection of 50 generators in-field.

·   Portable equipments capable to perform all common inspections: Spar Bonded Joints, Dry Fibers, Delaminations, Porosity and Fibers Cuts.

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GNR filter is the first reliable solution for grain noise reduction, and is included in all SITAU phased-array system.


·   Improve your Austenitic Steel, Fiberglass and Carbonfiber inspections.

·   Simple operation without user defined parameters or extra settings.

·   Real time operation (no PRF reduction)

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GNR filter is based on the “Phase Coherence Imaging Technique”, patented by CSIC and licensed exclusively to DASEL, an innovative technology received the “Outstanding Paper Award 2009” from IEEE Ultrasonics, Ferroelectrics and Frequency Control Society.

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