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AMPLUS-32 is a broadband pre-amplifier fully compatible with ULTRASCOPE / DIFRASCOPE technology and capable to improve signal-to-noise ratio in the most adverse inspection environments.

Its low size and weight and its internal battery make AMPLUS-32 the best option to mount on-board the inspection head.

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· 9v Battery or 6 to 20V external supply

· Compatible with most TOFD transducers (Krautkramer, Sonatest, Olympus, Imasonic, etc.)

· Two frequency ranges :

   - Conventional : 400kHz to 30MHz

   - Low frequency :50kHz to 1MHz (low-freq)

· Less than 20mA power consumption (30 hours of continuous use)


DASEL provides modular systems with up to 32 channels specifically designed for the automated inspection of large structures like tubes, shafts, large CFRP components, etc.

· Configure the system that better fulfill your needs while keeping the possibility of future upgrades thanks to its modular architecture.

· 4 parallel channels to increase inspection speed by using multiple-head system.

· Easy Integration with the inspection line by a complete set of software libraries (C++, Labview, etc.) and DASEL personalized support.

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DIFRASCOPE is a high-end portable multi-channel system with superior processing capabilities.

Along with DASEL TOFD-Scanner, DIFRASCOPE is an excellent choice for manual and automated inspection of weldings simultaneously applying TOFD, pulse-echo and pitch-catch.

 ·  Up to 8 channels and 2 encoders.

 ·  B and C-mode scans

 ·  SAFT post-processing for better lateral resolution.

 ·  EMI filter to suppress electromagnetic interference. 

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The air-coupled ultrasonic technique has shown to be very efficient and fast for the testing of large areas. DASEL provides high efficiency air-coupled transducers, that combined with our AIRSCOPE high-end systems are capable to tackle most demanding non-contact applications.

· Connectors: BNC / SMB / Lemo00.

· Housing: anodized aluminum.

· Electric Matching with Airscope series

· Crown to protect the radiant surface

· Suitable for through-transmission, lamb-wave and pulse-echo modes.

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AIRSCOPE is the range of products developed by DASEL for non-contact ultrasound applications, including single-channel (TT), multi-channel (MX) and phased-array (PA) equipments.

Main applications:

Air-coupled NDT, Positioning systems, Acoustic Vision,   Lamb waves, Structural Health, Monitoring, etc.


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